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We wanted to share some important updates that USA Archery has announced.
They have decided to make some changes to the JOAD indoor and outdoor matrices for both youth and adult. In keeping with the ever changing needs of the sport of archery scoring for achievement pins has been updated.
Our JOAD League wants and needs to stay current with the requirements of USA Archery and are therefore making the changes as well.
The new matrix and scoring are in effect immediately.

For more of an explanation please see the link to USA Archery.

  • The biggest thing to note for Compound Blue and above the scoring will change to Inner 10 ring. This means that the X is 10 points and all the rest of the yellow is a 9. The first red line is still an 8, the second red is a 7, etc.
Your arrow just has to touch the line to get the higher score.
  • The scores required for Olympic pins with Inner 10 ring scoring were each increased by 5 points.
  • For Compound Black and lower there are no changes.
  • For Recurve an additional option of a 40 cm target face is added. Also, the scores for Olympic pins with a 60 cm target face have dropped by 5 points.
  • No changes for Recurve Black and lower.

So the matrices that are in the current packets need to be updated with those in the links below. We will also have a new matrix for indoor and outdoor on the JOAD board at the range.

Take time to read through the USA Archery article and link to the explanations because it does a great job of explaining the reasons behind the changes. All changes are intended to make the JOAD participants better archers!!! We are going with the the changes!!

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