Minnehaha Archers, Inc

Spot League 2019


    * The league registration will be open at noon on December 15th, 2019 to the first 60 shooters that REGISTER & PAY. Registration will close automatically when 60 shooters have registered and PAID.

    * Spot League will begin Thursday, January 10th, 2019 and will run each week (on Thursdays) for 12 consecutive weeks ending March 28th, 2019.
    All participants need to be current paid up members of the Minnehaha Archers Inc.

    *The League will start at 6:30 pm and a double line will be run. The Shot clock will be utilized to move the shooting along.

    *The cost is $40 per shooter and you will be required to pay on-line (via Paypal) during registration. You are not registered if you do not pay.

    *This league uses teams of 2 shooters. If you do not have a partner we will pair you with another single shooter so we end up with an even total.

    *The first 5 weeks will be shot on a VEGAS target (colored) and the last 7 weeks will be shot on a NFAA target(blue).

    *The Vegas Round is a 360 point shoot with 3 arrows per end, 4 ends to a game and 3 games for the round for a total of 36 arrows.

    *The NFAA Round is a 360 point shoot with 5 arrows per end, 4 ends to a game and 3 games for the round for a total of 60 arrows. In this round each “X” is scored as 6 points (instead of 5).

    *This league is intended to prepare shooters for competitive/tournament shooting side by side with a double line. If too many shooters are absent this cannot be accomplished. However, we know that sometimes shooters have conflicts therefore we will allow make up scores on a Wednesday (between 6-9pm) PRIOR to any Thursday a shooter will be absent. Up to 4 make-ups can be used.

    NEW THIS YEAR!!!!!
    * The first night of league is to figure a handicap. To make it flexible for some if not able to attend the 1st night, the following nights will be open for banking scores....January 2nd, 3rd & 9th 2019. Anyone that needs to do a make up or bank a score prior to the first official night of league is welcome to come those nights. These scores can also be used later if the need arises.

    *For make up shoots, the target must be turned in with the score card and must be signed by a Board member (who is assigned range duty on the Wednesday of a make up).

    *When registration is complete, a subsequent email will be sent to registered shooters. In addition, information about Spot League and the names of teams/shooters will be posted on thi website.

    *Spot League scores and subsequent updates to rankings will be posted following each Thursday night.

    *Each week, each team has the opportunity to win 4 games. Each game won is a payback.

    *Half of the money collected (from registration fees) will be used as pay back for the league.

    *Payback will be distributed (in cash) at the MAI banquet held in April.

    *Should we end up with a cancellation because of a snow storm (I hope not to have to deal with that) we’ll fly by the seat of our pants on doing a make-up.

    *Questions? Call or email me.

    Jennifer Raddatz: horncrib@midco.net