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Minnehaha Archers, Inc
Minnehaha Archers, Inc
Sioux Falls, South Dakota 10
  • King of the Snow Hill 

     $$Tournament $$ 

Date: Saturday, February 10th, 2024 
Registration: Open to the Public What to expect Qualifying line time at 8 am.

 Qualifiers will be shot at Rushmore Rumble 5 Spot Targets. Upon completion of all qualifying rounds, 
we will start the elimination rounds. 
Mulligans will be available for purchase during the qualifying rounds (2 for $5). 
Mulligans are used to REDO a shot during the qualifying rounds to help you and your partner achieve highest point values. Each shooter will receive one Mulligan at the start of qualifying rounds. 
Elimination rounds will be shot at the Vegas 3 Spot Targets. This will be a double elimination event. 

$$Payouts for each round won during eliminations!$$ 

Space is limited to 48 participants. (This is an individual event and NOT a team event) Food and drinks will be available at the range for purchase the day of the event. Registration Fee: $40 Additional Mulligans: 2 for $5