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Bow Hunter League 2022


Bow Hunter League 2022

To participate in our Bow Hunter League 2022, pre-registration is mandatory so the organizers can make final plans and coordinate this years league.  Our plans and format may be subject to change and we appreciate your participation, input, and patience.  This league uses teams of 3 shooters, Bow Hunter Compound and Bow Hunter Traditional shooting classes.  If you do not have a team, we will pair you up on the first night.


TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS YEAR'S BOW HUNTER LEAGUE, YOU OR A REPRESENTATIVE OF YOUR TEAM MUST PRE-REGISTER BY TUESDAY, JANUARY 4th, 2022.  YOU CAN ALSO REGISTER AT THE GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING JANUARY 3RD @ 7PM SHARP. If you already have a 3- person team, please designate 1 team member to register your entire team.  If you are a single shooter or you do not have a 3- person team we will add you to a team at the first night of shooting.  (We often have single shooters and incomplete teams so don't hesitate to register if you plan on shooting.)


* Registration: Bow Hunter League registration will be completed by either a call, text, or email to Matt Schrader or Branson Tolliver.  Matt Schrader: mschrader@sio.midco.net or (605)951-2745.  Branson Tolliver:  branson_t@hotmail.com or (605)491-2050.




* The cost is $40 per Adult shooter (18 and older), $20 for youth ages 12-17.  Cash or Check Payment is due on the first night of shooting (If you are not able to attend the 1st night, please have one of your team members pay for you). If you have Minnehaha Archers (MAI) bucks from assisting at work parties, you can apply these towards your fee. You must be a current club member to participate.  We can set up new memberships or renewals on the first night too.


* The first shoot will be Tuesday, January 11th, 2022 at the indoor range and will run each week (on Tuesday's) for 12 consecutive weeks.


*On the 1st night, please plan to arrive at 6 pm, or as close to this time as possible as we will need extra time the first night to create teams, pay, and set up for shooting at 7:00 pm.

* The league members will start setup by 6:30 pm with shooting starting at 7:00pm. Please plan on assisting with setup and/or tear down as able since this is a group effort.


* The awards and recognitions will be determined during the league.

* Shooters will shoot 12 Rinehart 3D targets each night. Teams will shoot from 6 stations, 2 targets per station, 2 arrows per target (you will need a minimum of 4 arrows but more is highly recommended as arrows are occasionally damaged during shooting).  Teams will typically alternate shooting 1 station then retrieve arrows, then a break for the next team to shoot and retrieve arrows, then shoot the next station........the Scoring is 10-8-5.

* There are no makeups and no substitutions.  It is OK to miss occasional shooting nights as the scoring computers averaging system minus a point deduction will be used for missed nights.

* Bow Hunter League scores and updates to rankings will be posted on the bulletin board at the indoor range and on Facebook later in the week following each Tuesday night shoot (except for the first and final night, pending plans to announce winners)


**Shooters must be current club members and participate at their own risk** If you have questions please contact: Matt S. 951-2745 or Branson T. 491-2050

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Truly it was a great journey, and in it I met with many, whom to know was to love; but whom never could I see again.

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Truly it was a great journey, and in it I met with many, whom to know was to love; but whom never could I see again.