Throughout the year, Minnehaha Archers offers different leagues 
Each league features several different classification levels to suit all degrees of proficiency and equipment.
Leagues are a great way  to learn about new equipment, shooting techniques, proper form and more.

  •  Summer leagues include a 3-D and a spot league. Leagues start in early June.
  • Winter indoor leagues generally start in early January and run through the early spring.
  • Indoor 3-D leagues are on Tuesday evenings, while indoor spot leagues are on Thursday evenings.
  • The “Spot” league is a target-shooting league where 2-person teams are randomly assigned to compete head-to-head each week.
Depending on the number of teams, your team may be matched up with another team more than once or not at all.
  • The "Bowhunter League"  uses teams of 3 shooters. If you do not have a team we will pair you up on the first night.  Compound and traditional bowhunter classes.