Spot League Details 

The “Spot” league is a target-shooting league where 2-person teams are randomly assigned to compete head-to-head each week.
Depending on the number of teams, your team may be matched up with another team more than once or not at all. The league manager keeps track of your scores and the computer program calculates your average and your “handicap.” Just like in bowling, your handicap allows archers of varying abilities, equipment and experience to compete on a level playing field.
Shooting in the league is a great way to introduce a new archer to tournament shooting and scoring, in a low-stress environment. It’s also a great way to meet and learn from other members. There is usually a fair amount of teaching and bow tweaking after the shooting is done.

  • You can team up with a family member or a buddy. If you don’t have anyone specific who can reliably come every Thursday night, then come anyway as there are always several people who need to be paired up.
  • The first night of shooting is traditionally the first Thursday evening in January from 6:30PM to 9;00PM.
  • The league fee is around $35.00 and we pay back 50% depending on points earned.
  • It is also a tradition for a different team to bring dogs or brats each week.
  • Each week, a full 12-end, 5 arrows per end match is shot with 2 practice ends at the start, so you’ll get plenty of shooting. This is the exact format for a NFAA indoor tournament like the State Indoor Championship or the NFAA Indoor Midwest Sectionals that we host on an every-other year schedule.
  • The archer shoots either a single spot target scored 5-4-3-2-1 with an "X" as a bonus point or a 5-spot target scored 5-4 with an "X" as a bonus point. Distance is 20 yards. Experienced league shooters are always there to help new shooters with scoring.
  • Each match has 4 potential points to be won. The 360 match is split into 3 separate “games” of 120 each. Both team member’s scores are added together along with their handicaps and compared to the other team’s scores with the highest score earning 1 point per “game” toward the match. There is 1 point for the total match points as well. Matches can be split evenly or 3-1 or a shutout 4-0.
  • If you know that you will miss a night of shooting, it is the archer’s responsibility to shoot a make-up score before the night of league. Typically, you can do this the night before on Wednesday night during open shooting and leave your score in the office.
  • Payback at the end of the league is based on total points won. Nobody gets rich and the cost to play is nominal and the fun is maximal.
It is also a tradition for a different team to bring dogs or brats each week. When the South Dakota winter is at its coldest and darkest, it seems like participating in the league makes it go by a little faster.

Spot League 2021

 Spot League 2021
Due to the pandemic and its’ potential effect on our League participation, pre-registration is necessary so the organizers can make final plans for the shooting format of this years league. If needed we will reduce the number of shooting lanes on Thursday night so their is an empty lane between teams. Depending on the number of teams we have signed up we may look for volunteers to shoot other nights of the week such as Wednesday and Friday to accommodate everyone. Masks are encouraged while not shooting (bring your own). Non shooters are discouraged to reduce the total number of people in the range. The results of last years league will be posted prior to January 1st and payouts will be available at the signup dates. Obviously times have been very difficult and we are doing our best to accommodate as many shooters as possible but we do want to make sure we are being safe, your understanding and patience are greatly appreciated. We look forward to seeing everyone and wish you all a wonderful holiday season.
* The league registration will be open on Friday January 1st, 2021. We will be at the range from 6-8:30 You can come register & pay. We will also take registration & payment on Wednesday, January 6th, 2021 from 6:30-8:30. All registration must be done by January 7th.
* Spot League will begin Thursday, January 14th, 2021 and will run each week (on Thursday) for 11 consecutive weeks ending March 28th, 2021. All participants need to be current paid up members of the Minnehaha Archers Inc.
*The cost is $40 per shooter and you will be required to be paid up before first night of league. The money must be paid by January 7th, 2021. No money will be handled the night of league. Cash, check or MAI bucks are welcome.
*This league uses teams of 2 shooters. If you do not have a partner we will pair you with another single shooter so we end up with an even total. *The League will start at 6:30 pm and a double line will be run. The Shot clock will be utilized.
*The first 6 weeks will be shot on a VEGAS target (colored) and the last 5 weeks will be shot on a NFAA target(blue).
*The Vegas Round is a 360 point shoot with 3 arrows per end, 4 ends to a game and 3 games for the round for a total of 36 arrows.
*The NFAA Round is a 360 point shoot with 5 arrows per end, 4 ends to a game and 3 games for the round for a total of 60 arrows. In this round each “X” is scored as 6 points (instead of 5).
*You are allowed to step down in equipment but not up. You can go from bowhunter to bare bow but not the other way.
* Due to COVID we will be allowing teams to shoot their score any day of the week to provide a safe shooting environment for all. Scores that need to be shot outside of League Nights will require a witness signature and target deposited prior to Thursday night in a mailbox that will be located in one of the bow storage racks. Because of this option we will limit the number of banked scores to 2 (separate from make up scores due to weather).
*Spot League scores and subsequent updates to rankings will be posted following each Thursday night.
*Each week, each team has the opportunity to win 4 games. Each game won is a payback.
*Half of the money collected (from registration fees) will be used as pay back for the league.
*Payback will be distributed (in cash) at the MAI banquet held in April (hopefully). Last years paybacks have been determined and pay outs will be available the beginning of League.
*Should we end up with a cancellation because of a snow storm on Thursday night teams will be allowed until the next Thursday to shoot or advise they would like to use one of their banked scores.
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