Minnehaha Archers, Inc
Minnehaha Archers, Inc
Sioux Falls, South Dakota 10

Club Rules and Guidelines - Board of Directors

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  • Your Membership dues must be current to be a member of the Club and to use the facilities.
  • No one under the age of sixteen (16) years of age is allowed on either the indoor or outdoor range unless supervised by a parent or an adult member of the club or approved by the Board of Directors.
  • The Indoor Range is open for use 24/7, except during scheduled Leagues, Classes and other scheduled events.
  • Broadhead arrow tips are NOT allowed at any time at either the Indoor or Outdoor Range.
  • Each Member is responsible for picking up after himself or herself, i.e. removing used targets, replacing pins in target bales, throwing away pop cans, sweeping, etc.
  • Under no circumstances should a Member loan his/her key-card(s) or gate lock code to anyone.
  • If a Member is the last one to leave the Indoor Range, make sure all lights are tuned off and bathrooms doors propped open. When utilizing the Outdoor Range always lock the gate upon arrival and when departing.
  • Standing on or shooting from the chairs or tables is not allowed.
  • Cross shooting is not allowed.
  • Smoking inside the Indoor Range is not allowed.
  • Paper targets must be purchased at the Indoor Range for $.50 a target. Place money for targets in the wall slot, located next to the office door. We ask that you do not use your own targets.
  • You must remove your target and dispose of it in the recycle trash cans when you have finished shooting.
  • No alcoholic beverages are to be consumed by anyone either before or while shooting at both the Indoor and Outdoor Ranges.
  • Do not advance towards the target to pull your arrows or to put up a paper target until all archers are done shooting and a "Clear" signal has been given.
  • You must use your keycard each and every time you come into the building, rather than knock on the door and count on someone to open it for you.
  • The Indoor Range is open for public use on Wednesday evening from 6pm until 9pm. This is the "bring your friend" night. Non-Members may only shoot at the range during these hours. The cost for Non-Members to shoot is $5.00 plus $.50 per paper target.
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2022 Board of Directors

 President Tim Audus
 Vice President
Jack Moulton
 SecretaryKim Audus 605-376-7237
 TreasurerCarl Swenson

 2 Year Position
Donny McFarland605-360-5351
 Dennis Husman
Eric Gaspar605-941-3277
Will Frantz
 1 Year PositionRyan Hansen605-370-3502
Katie Anderus 661-202-6342
 Jody McIntyre
Branson Tolliver
 Past President                                                  Doug Ellis